How to Start Eating Healthy

There are many schools of thought on how to start eating healthy. I believe focusing on "Eating Clean" and following a "Balanced Nutrition Program", is the only way.

In fact, no balanced nutrition program would be complete without a clean eating program!

What is Clean Eating?

And why is it perfect for someone looking to find out how to start eating healthy?

Eating clean simply means following a balanced healthy eating program which includes eating nutritious, unprocessed foods. It is not a diet and is certainly not complicated!
All that is required is some basic nutrition knowledge and some planning. You do not need to count calories nor measure your carbohydrates and proteins. But it does require a lifestyle change.

Eating clean by following a balanced healthy eating program is the perfect “starting point” for an attainable lifestyle change!

With the 6 Day Eat Clean Program it is all done for you: - A simple 6-Day healthy eating plan and lifestyle program to follow.

You get free hands-on coaching from experienced coaches for 6 Days on a community-based program. 

But let us first help you evaluate your wellness lifestyle.

Free Wellness Lifestyle Presentation

Start with our FREE Wellness Lifestyle Presentation which introduces our 6-Day Eat Clean program!



Wellness Lifestyle Evaluation Presentation 

This presentation introduces the "How to Start Eating Healthy" program known as the
            6-Day Eat Clean Program
(Also called the 10 Day Tiny Habits Challenge)

6-Day Eat Clean Program

Want to know how to start eating healthy and start living a healthy active lifestyle? 

The 6-Day Eat Clean Program is the ideal introduction to your "Start eating healthy" program!

Allow us to take you on a Healthy Active Lifestyle journey for six days!
It is all about daily intelligent nutrition and the correct exercise. We start by introducing you to an Ideal Healthy Breakfast.

You will be "challenging" yourself with help from experienced nutrition coaches and the support of your Challenge Partners.

We create a WhatsApp group especially for you and your "Challenge Partners" Which of course means that you can join the program from anywhere.

As a group we encourage and hold one another accountable in a way that is impossible when you try to do things alone!

What is the 6-Day Eat Clean Program All About?

The program is a trial period of 6 days where you can try out some of the best health and weight management products in the world. You will get to experiment with delicious and nutritious smoothies, shakes, and tea recipes.

During the trial, experienced weight management and wellness coaches will support you!

As part of the program, you will replace your usual breakfast, and lunch with a Nutritional Protein Shake and enjoy an energy-boosting "Herbal Beverage" tea twice a day.

You will also learn how to mix delicious smoothies and get an education on how to eat healthily. You will receive support and encouragement from experienced coaches, as well as your friends and family (Your Challenge Partners) through the WhatsApp support group.

Although you cannot expect dramatic results in just 6 days, you will notice a difference in how you feel, look, and behave. (Healthier and with more vitality.) The more you participate in the program, the more you will enjoy it, and each day, a different topic will be covered.

At the end of the 6 days, we will invite you to continue with your new lifestyle by joining the 21-Day Healthy Lifestyle Program which is about "Living a Healthy Lifestyle" or the 10-Day Health Marathon which focusses on Weight Management

When you join the Preferred Customer Experience, you will have exciting times ahead and can look forward to significant price privileges and benefits.

A Different Topic Every Day!

We focus on one topic each day!
Each day on the program has a different objective, making it engaging and fun.

A Total of 6 Topics! 🤗🤩

  • Day 1 - A Healthy Breakfast and Why!!
  • Day 2 - The importance of Protein (the building blocks of our body) and snacking (5 meals per day)
  • Day 3 - Water and Hydration
  • Day 4 - Exercise and Movement
  • Day 5 - Family, Community and Support
  • Day 6 - Gratitude and the Magic it holds

Participation is key! And you should feel free to ask lots of questions (We love that!), It means you are learning and embracing your new, healthy, active lifestyle!

But it all starts with an Ideal Healthy Breakfast!

What is an Ideal Healthy Breakfast?

The typical carbohydrate & sugar-heavy breakfast most people eat sets your day up for hunger spikes and energy lulls.

The Ideal Breakfast is all about giving you the best nutrients for a great start to the day. It is a healthy smoothie made either with milk or milk substitutes, like yoghurt.

The beauty of our Ideal Breakfast is it takes 30 seconds to make, tastes delicious and is legally classified as a fully balanced meal with protein, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals.

Regardless of your health or weight management goals, we need to start our day with a healthy breakfast!

Where do you get an Ideal Heathy Breakfast?

Trial PackTwo Low Budget Trial Packs

From our special Trial Packs ........

We will send you two low budget "Trial Packs". These have a total of twelve fully balanced shake (smoothie) meals, enough for your breakfast and lunch for 6 days. As well as twelve energy tea servings, enough for two drinks per day for 6 days.

This may differ from country to country!


6-Day Eat Clean Challenge6-Day Eat Clean Challenge WhatsApp Group


Are you ready to embrace this and journey with us?

It is only 6 days and, if you follow our coaching on WhatsApp you will soon see and feel a result.

We're so looking forward to having you participating and having fun on our next challenge 😃


Coach SupportExperienced coaches are there to smooth the road for you!

Experienced coaches are there to smooth the road for you!

Step 1           Register for the 6-Day Eat Clean Program

Eat Clean Program Registration Form

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Step 2             Get your Trial Packs!

Before we can get started you will need two 'Eat Clean' trial packs. These are sample packs containing twelve fully balanced meals and drinks.

Enough for 6 Days!

These Trial Packs are very economically priced. However, the costs do differ from country-to-country.
So, as soon as we receive your application, we will e-mail or text you all the details including the payment amount in your currency.
It would be best if you made payment direct to Herbalife.

Once payment is made, the Trial Packs will be delivered to you free of charge within a day or two.

While you are awaiting delivery, we will start preparing you for the challenge! This is an exciting time!

Order your trial packs right now!

 The Best Way to Order:

  1. Complete the registration form!
  2. We will e-mail you the cost and payment details.
  3. Provide your delivery address and make payment. Details on e-mail!
  4. Your Trial Packs will be delivered to you

The Way Forward ...

Which program you join next will depend on your goal!


Or of course you can go-it-alone but this is not recommended!

Either way, we strongly recommend that you join the Preferred Customer Experience for easy access to all the Herbalife Products at a significant price privilege (discount) and a host of other benefits.

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