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Herbalife Nutrition
A Company with a Heart!

Mark HughesMark Hughes

Mark Hughes started Herbalife Nutrition in 1980.

He was only 22 years old at the time.... with a dream to change the nutritional habits of the world! His passion and dedication came from losing his mother at a youthful age.

The Mark Hughes Story
Marks mom, a budding actress, resorted to diet prescription pills to lose some weight.
But watch this original, short video I found in the archives on how the company got started. Narrated by Mark himself. Apologies for the inferior quality!

Herbalife Nutrition is now one of the largest and most well-known
global nutrition brands in the world 
and regarded as an expert in the field of
Weight Management and Wellness!

Herbalife Nutrition
A Company that Cares!


 Click Here to discover how Herbalife Nutrition cares, 
by nourishing our people and our planet!

"Herbalife Nutrition's global presence means they are committed to doing more to provide life-changing opportunities focused on supporting healthy communities, economic empowerment, and a thriving planet"

Let us help you achieve your goals ...

You have a better chance of achieving your goals by using the right products, building a relationship with your Herbalife Coach, and being part of a community.

If you would like free personalized support to achieve your goals....
Please contact us!

Why Herbalife Nutrition is a Good Option


A Global Leader in Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition is a global leader in nutrition, with over 42 years of experience in developing high quality products to support our healthy active lifestyles.
Spanning the globe in over ninety countries with products designed to help everyone achieve their wellness goals.
The company identifies the needs of its consumers and combines these findings with the latest advancements in science.


Areas of supportMy five areas of support.


The Herbalife Nutrition Coach Difference


It is essential that you have your own Wellness and Weight Management
coach to guide and support you 
with love and understanding!


Meet Your Herbalife Nutrition Coach

Coach RobCoach Rob

Meet Your Coach
My name is Rob. I am your Herbalife Nutrition Weight Management and Wellness Coach. You can call me "Coach Rob" All my clients do!

I love what I do! Helping and supporting people with love, care and understanding is my passion. It is what I have done for more than 25 years and what I will continue doing for as long as I am alive!

When you get started on a Herbalife Nutrition program as a Preferred Customer, I will be there as your go-to person. 

Herbalife Nutrition supportHerbalife Nutrition supports you!

Whatever your weight or wellness goals are, you need a support system to keep you on track and motivated.

I look forward to guiding and supporting you on your journey with care and love! I know that it is not always an easy journey, so I want to extend a helping hand. Allow me to advise you and guide you on the way.

My first role as your coach will be to create a simple wellness profile for you.  Once we have that, I can recommend a personalized solution (program) to help you achieve the results YOU want.

Please know that it is NOT my intention to "push" Herbalife Nutrition products on you!
Rather, I will recommend a program based on your needs profile. As a Preferred Customer you will be able to decide which program you want from the range available in your country.


As a Preferred Customer you get me as your coach, providing
support, advice, and inspiration at no cost to you!


Healthy Weight Management Support!

Going-it-alone is NOT a successful strategy!

Many do not understand this, but it is especially important!

I have found that those with a caring coach (like me), who join a group of like-minded people, are three times more likely to succeed with their wellness and weight management goals.

For this reason, I encourage you to join free community groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and Zoom. People that are on the same journey as you!

These include our FREE 6-Day Eat Clean Program (How to Start Eating Healthy Program), our FREE 21-Day Healthy Weight Program, and if you are on a serious weight management journey, I strongly recommend the FREE 10 Day Marathon Game (The Best Weight Loss Program). (I like to call it a Mega Marathon as it produces mega results!)

Just wait! You're going to get super excited when you start!

Herbalife Nutrition Products


   Your goals and needs are unique to you! Whether you are looking to:

  • Manage your weight.
  • Live a healthy active lifestyle. 
  • Transform your body and achieve peak wellness, health, and fitness breakthroughs.
  • Have the body that you’ve always dreamed about. (A fit, healthy body is the best fashion statement these days.)
  • Have beautiful skin and hair. Just as your body needs proper Inner Nutrition, your skin and hair require the right nourishment as well. The range of Outer Nutrition skin and hair products will leave you with healthy, glowing skin and shiny, strong, healthy hair. Giving you what we are all after, a healthy, youthful appearance.
  • Improve your sport performance and fitness! Herbalife Nutrition understands that hydration, energy, and recovery are key factors for all sport and exercise. So, whether you are just starting out or are a professional athlete, the Herbalife24 range of products is ideal ........ even for a gentle jogger like me.

So, whatever your goals are you will soon be on your way to a NEW you!
The best version of yourself!


Herbalife Nutrition has an extensive range of products!


All Products are backed by science, formulated with our needs in mind and safe to consume.
This means that, when used correctly as directed and with my guidance,
you will achieve your results goal.

Click Here for more detailed Product information!


When you become a Preferred Customer, you will have access to ALL
the products available in your country.


Herbalife Nutrition Products for Weight Management and Wellness!


It all starts with the Formula 1 Shake!

  • A rich and creamy shake that can be prepared in seconds!
    Providing an excellent balance of high-quality protein, key macro and micronutrients and added botanicals and herbs. Making it a great meal replacement for weight control.
    Everything the body needs is in perfect balance! 
    Convenient for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and available in multiple flavors.
  • Vegan-sourced, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and provides more than a third of our daily recommended intake of twenty-five vitamins and minerals.
  • The Formula 1 shake has become the No. 1 Selling Shake in the World with over five million shakes being consumed daily in over ninety-five countries.


The Herbalife Nutrition Sports Range


The Herbalife Nutrition Skin and Body Care Range


Are Herbalife Nutrition Products Expensive?

Let me be candid! When I first got started, I thought they were expensive!
Until my coach (Yes, I also had a Herbalife Nutrition coach) said: "Expensive! - Compared to what? It is only your perception that they are expensive!"

I did not believe her until I calculated the cost per serving and compared it to the cost of the foods and drinks I was replacing.
The shake (and many other products) is a meal replacement, so we save on all the meals we usually eat. These are often unhealthy, convenience foods and drinks. And it is amazing what "junk food" costs!

That is when I realized I was actually saving on my grocery bill!
Now, as a family we first budget for our healthy Herbalife Nutrition meals and drinks before anything else!
Health is after all, our wealth!


Are Herbalife Nutrition Products the Best?

I don’t know! Possibly! Herbalife Nutrition Products certainly rank amongst the top in the world.

Herbalife Nutrition has stood the test of time – for over 44 years now!

Herbalife has the best-selling shakes in the world. Over five million shakes are consumed every day.
In fact, one out of every three shakes sold in the world are Herbalife Nutrition shakes!

Besides the Herbalife Nutrition shakes, every nutritional need is catered for, with products being kept at the forefront of nutrition technology and backed by science.

Herbalife Nutrition is listed on the prestigious New York stock exchange and has shown double-digit sales growth year on year for the last 20 years and longer.

Today, Herbalife Nutrition is recognized as the number 1 Nutrition Company in the world, with sales of 9.6 billion US $ in 2021

Bottom line - The products provide a means for anyone and everyone to achieve the results they want!


The Herbalife Nutrition Philosophy

Optimizing your Nutrition!

What your body needsWhat your body needs every day

A new way of life awaits you!

The journey to your desired result starts with balanced nutrition and healthy activity.
But behind your results there is a plan to keep you energized, focused and in control.

My free personalized support and the right Herbalife Nutrition program will help you reach your optimum levels of nutrition.

In line with the Herbalife Nutrition “Distributor Difference” policy, our one-to-one relationship is recognized in your country, and they will notify me as soon as you register as a Preferred Customer

Then together, we will embrace a new and exciting healthy, active lifestyle and
achieve the results you seek.

A chance to reach your goals in a unique way:

  • To improve your nutrition
  • To improve your health
  • To get into great shape
  • To live a balanced lifestyle


 Join Herbalife Nutrition's Preferred Customer Experience

A Brand-New Program Giving You Total Control and Unrivalled Coach Support!
And introducing PCX (Preferred Customer Experience)

A unique support system, by the company, which goes above and beyond the special coaching support I provide for even better long-term success.


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Listen, I have been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time a couple times in my life. This is one of those times. I believe five years from now, you’re going to say, “Yeah, I was there!  but I just was not ready to make the commitment, even though I knew that I needed to!”
Or “I was there, and I said, yes, I took a little leap of faith, and it changed everything for me.”

If you feel that you need to shape up, look after your health better, have more energy… if you can believe in yourself enough to try, I encourage you to take the next step.


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