My name is Rob Taylor
I am a Lifestyle and Experienced Healthy Weight Management Coach! 

My name is Rob Taylor. I am a Lifetime Achievement award winner, and together with my partner Patricia, we help people over the age of 50 to start "Living Their Best Life" - Just the way we did!

We are fully committed to helping anyone facing a financial, weight, or health challenge but my focus is on Healthy Weight Management and my mission is to provide a platform for people to manage their weight effectively.

But let me share my story to help you understand why!

“I’m a 50-something-year-old dude who somehow landed a loving wife, and produced 3 amazing children, who in turn produced 5 wonderful grandchildren for us"
It was only after turning fifty that I discovered a way to earn a substantial income by helping people Live their best life! 

But it didn't happen easily!

When I started, I had been forced into early retirement with a small pension and not much else! I had no job, no career, and a daughter still in school to support.

If you feel up to it ....... Check out my story!

My personal mission statement:

“To awaken world-wide wellness consciousness and create opportunities for people to raise their standards and inspire others.”
I know, that really sounds a bit much! I am a Lifestyle Coach and what I do in practical terms is to:
"Inspire and coach people how to achieve a balanced lifestyle. How to lose or gain weight (manage their weight), shape and tone, have boundless energy & vitality, and be financially stress-free, healthy, and happy.

How and why, I Became a Lifestyle Coach!

Check out My Story

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It was one morning about 26 years ago! I looked in the mirror and did not like what was looking back at me! 
I had let myself go!

Did I need to lose weight? I thought I was okay! But I was definitely out of shape!

I was exercising regularly but I had developed a serious paunch which was not going away! At the same time, I really needed to "bulk up" and develop some muscle!

I was frustrated. I knew I needed to do something. But what? how?

"26 years ago, weight management was a new concept to me.
I only knew about weight loss and weight gain!" 

It all started when a good friend of mine, (I will call her Mary) got results ...

Scale readingWeight measurement

Mary was very overweight at the time, and she was desperate to lose weight. She had tried every diet and fad out there without success. In fact, after each attempt, she got bigger.

She was very despondent and depressed about it. People used to stare and snigger. (Or so she thought)!

Then suddenly one day, she was looking slimmer and had a healthy glow about her.

I was curious! (of course)

I started getting results!

Long story short, she introduced me to the Herbalife Nutrition Healthy Active Lifestyle Program which she was following.
Apparently, very successfully!
She got me started on the same program. I had a weight management coach to help guide and support me, which was a huge relief because I knew little about nutrition at that stage.

It was working!
I started feeling and looking better. My energy was improving, and I was no longer falling asleep in front of the TV.
So, I kept going!

"I know how it feels to be challenged by weight!
I changed that!  I am in better shape now than I was in my late 20's" 

I Started Coaching!

I decided to learn more about weight management so that I could help my family and friends.
And the more I discovered about nutrition and weight management, the more I wanted to know!

I researched, read, studied, attended courses and many seminars. I joined nutrition clubs and fit clubs. I wanted to gain firsthand experience in all aspects of weight management. I was looking for practical methods and solutions that worked, so that I could help and support people with diverse needs.

The first thing I learned, and now apply as a coach is:

With Healthy Weight Management, it does not matter if we want to lose weight, gain weight,
or build muscle, the philosophy and principles are the same! 

There were so many people who needed help to manage their weight! ...

I knew that there were many people who wanted to lose weight! (There were also many people who needed to lose weight but were not ready yet!)
I also knew that there were many people who wanted to gain weight! And I soon realized that there was a growing need to help people who wanted to gain muscle and/or shape up.

 When everyone started getting a good result, I took it a step further and became a Healthy Weight Management Coach.
However, I now prefer the name 
'Wellness and Nutrition Coach'. This is because I have learned by experience that weight management is really about wellness and following a healthy, active lifestyle!

So, I now focus my clients on 'Wellness'! (Getting the correct nutrition and the correct exercise)

Weight Management Coaching Became my Passion!

Weight Management Coach RobCoach Rob

My weight management clients now call me "Coach Rob."

My passion is, and for a long time has been, to help people 'manage their weight'.
In fact, I have been helping people lose weight, gain weight, and build muscle for more than 25 years.

But my coaching methods have evolved. I realized that you cannot manage your weight without addressing total body wellness. I now use the 'Level 10' approach and my clients are getting exceptional results.

I have been helping people “lose weight”, “gain weight” and "gain muscle" for more than 25 years!
My slogan is “Happy Healthy Weight Management” and is also this website title.

My clients get results! 
My goal is to make everyone I coach happy about their body and their weight!

However, ...

I Have a Strict Rule! 

Everyone I coach must be prepared to do it the correct, healthy way!!

My advice and recommendations as a coach are based on this philosophy!
Correct Exercise and Balanced Nutrition are fundamental to this! 

I do not believe in “Quick Fixes” (Diets, tablets, pills, drops and what have you, promising fantastic results)

And, it is obvious, I do not support the use of steroids, or similar "supplements" to "pump up your muscles" (my words)

I do, however, often recommend proven health supplements and weight management products that have been tried, tested, and proven.

 I encourage everyone to lead a Healthy, Active Lifestyle! 

 The information, advice, and guidance I provide comes from practical, proven methods and solutions which I have personally used and employed in my 25 years plus of weight management coaching.

I have helped thousands lose weight or gain weight and muscle!

I teach others my methods and techniques so that they in turn can help others!

In the last 25+ years I have directly or indirectly helped an estimated 15000 people to manage their weight and improve their body composition! (I say indirectly because I have also trained numerous other weight management coaches to use my approach and techniques)

We have won awards!

Patricia, my partner, and I were awarded the prestigious “1 million Lifetime Achievement Award” by Herbalife Nutrition in 2009. (We are now remarkably close to achieving our “2 million Lifetime Achievement award”!)

Herbalife Nutrition is regarded as an expert in the field of weight management. Herbalife Nutrition began as a direct sales company in 1980 and has grown into one of the largest – and most well-known – global nutrition brands.

One million Lifetime Achievement award.1 million Lifetime Achievement Award
Receiving the one million award.Rob and Patricia receiving the award on stage!

I started coaching when we got our own results!

Our "then" photo 25 years ago.Before we started!
At an event 20 years later.More than 20 years later!

Rob: I initially lost 12kg (26lbs) which I have kept off for more than 25 years. (At the time I did not think I needed to lose more than about 4kgs) 

With the now sophisticated body composition measurements available, I can tell you that I have recently dropped another 10% body fat, gained lean muscle mass and my metabolic age is now more than10 years younger than my chronological age.

Patricia: Before we got started, I was seriously overweight (I could hardly fit into a dress size 14), always tired and forever sick. Addicted to coffee and chocolates - I was in a sad state.  - But I did not realize it at the time!

I quite quickly lost 14kg (30lbs). And these days I still fit comfortably in a size eight dress and size thirty-two jeans. But what really excites me is that my body fat is now 24% and my metabolic age is 20 years younger than my chronological age.

What others say....

"Rob is a weight management specialist! Not a doctor nor a nutritionist, but someone who has practiced and specialized in weight management coaching for more than 25 years" Janine

"Rob researched and studied nutrition, attending, and participating in many seminars around the world. Specifically, to learn about nutrition that relates to all forms of weight management" Sean

"Rob joined nutrition clubs and fit clubs to get practical, hands-on experience. He applies practical, proven methods and solutions that work" Tanya 

Personal consultations

Rob conducting a consultationRob conducting a one-on-one consultation!

I have people approaching me daily to help with their weight. I invite the locals to my studio for one-on-one coaching, consultations, and assessments.

However, most of the support I now offer is long distance.
These days we are not constrained by borders, so I am now able to coach many more people in all the English-speaking countries around the world. 

This website is designed to coach, guide, and support anyone who is on a healthy weight management journey!