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A Global Home Business Opportunity
that Offers a Serious Income and a Healthy, Active Lifestyle! 

See how my research identified a dream global home business opportunity!

My Research!

Two things are needed if you want to be successful in life not only now, but in the future.
The first is to identify opportunities in the marketplace. The second is to position yourself in front of those opportunities. 

My Research identified two opportunities in the Market Place .... That merged into one!

An Opportunity to lead a Healthy, Active Lifestyle. To lose weight, shape up (build muscle) or achieve whatever health and body result you are looking for. 

And at the same time ....
An Opportunity to join a company that is, and has been, making a significant difference in people’s lives with their products. A company that has created a financial opportunity for people looking for additional income. And a company that provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to build a massive income generating business.

They provide a kind of "awakening of an entrepreneurial spirit" that many people are looking for.

By the end of the presentation, I believe that you will agree that this company is providing everyone with a chance to achieve their financial goals – whatever they might be. 

Evaluating a Home Business Opportunity

Which one?
How do you go about evaluating and deciding which of the many Network Marketing Companies to choose?

There are five elements to evaluate when looking for the best Home Business Opportunity

Qualities of a Home Business - My Research - 

The 5 Basic Elements to Evaluate 

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There are five basic elements that I researched. (And I would encourage anyone to look at these when evaluating any Global Home Business Opportunity)
You do not have to have all five. If you have three out of five, you can build a successful business. In fact, a lot of good businesses do not have all five.
But if you have all five, it is something you should seriously consider taking advantage of … or at least investigate further.

  1. Number one is the company’s products. Are they viable?
  2. The second thing you should look at very closely is the company itself. See if, in your estimation, the company has what it takes to grow to a state of importance and dominance in the markets in which it functions. 
  3. Third, look at the compensation plan. 
  4. Fourth, look at the kind of support that is available. 
  5. And fifth, look at the timing.

So, let us walk through these five basic elements together.

And, if you agree with me that these five things all check out, then maybe we can take the next step and see if the opportunity I discovered will be a fit for you.

And it may be a fit … it may not...... Let us look!

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1. What is the product being offered?

When looking at the product there are four key questions that need to be answered:

  • Is there a recognized need for the products? 
  • Does it solve a legitimate problem for consumers?
  • Do the products fill that need?
  • Are the products priced to sell? (This is a big one!)
    Based on its quality and the solution it provides, is it competitive in the marketplace?
  • Are the products priced for profit?
    How does the company compensate people who choose to represent its products?
  • Are they in demand?

2. The Company!

  • Is it an established proven company?
  • Is it a listed company (Listed with a reputable stock exchange)?
  • Does it have a proven customer base?
  • Is it available in most countries (Can you conduct business internationally)?

3. The Compensation Plan

  • The first is the ability to generate income quickly. Is it possible for people to recoup their initial investment in 3 months or less and start to make a profit?
  • Does it have the ability for a person to begin to build a reasonable part-time income with a reasonable part-time effort?  
  • Is there a significant financial opportunity for people who choose to make a serious career decision to go all in? These people must have the opportunity to make a substantial income from the organizations that they build. 

4. Support

  • Is there a support system available to help you build your business? 
  • Is complete training available? 
  • So, even if you have never done anything like this in your life before, can the system show you – step-by-step – how to do it? 
  • Will you be able to simply expose people to the big picture and then let the tools do the talking for you?

5. Timing

  • In real estate, it is all about location, location, location, but in business, it is all about timing, timing, timing. So, is this the right time for the company and the products?
  • Is this an absolute perfect time to get involved with this company?



My research revealed a Company that met all 5 Elements ...

The Company and Products that met all my research criteria and more is ...

Herbalife Nutrition - A Global Home Business Opportunity

When I personally looked at Herbalife Nutrition and the five basic elements, I was blown away. It’s so rare to find something that has all five.  I mean, show me another business opportunity that has all five and it is so inexpensive for the average person to get on board.

But this is what got me extremely excited......

  • Flexible!  The Herbalife Business Opportunity is flexible. Decide your hours and work from anywhere you choose.
  • Part-time or full-time – the choice is yours! Build a business that fits around your life.
  • Be a force for change and be passionate about your own health result.
  • Join a purpose driven community of nutrition enthusiasts that encourage each other and spread the mission of nutrition.
  • Be your own boss and join the exciting world of entrepreneurs with one of the world’s leading direct sales nutrition brands, Herbalife Nutrition!
  • Be a coach, mentor, and friend. Have fun helping customers break old habits, improve their nutrition and live healthier, happier, and more active lives.
  • Longevity – you can benefit from Herbalife’s proven success as industry leaders and decades of experience, (over 44 years’ experience) and build your own business with confidence.
  • Regular Training – benefit from expert training and support, and the confidence of knowing all Herbalife products are developed by leading nutritional Doctors and Scientists
  • The world needs good nutrition. The world needs Herbalife Nutrition!

The Opportunity!

Please take time and review the company presentation below and tick off all the boxes yourself.

I know, I got extremely excited when I did!

Welcome to Global Home Business OpportunityWelcome


The Founder Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes started Herbalife Nutrition in 1980, out of the boot of his car! He was only 22 years old…. with a dream to change the Nutritional Habits of the World!

Company facts

Herbalife Nutrition today is a Global Company, on a mission for nutrition since 1980 and our purpose has never been more important! We are providing access to good nutrition to communities around the world in over 94 countries, and an economic opportunity to people who want to improve their lives. We are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and, in 2021, achieved US$ 9.6B in suggested Retail Sales!!

Why Herbalife Nutrition?

Why Herbalife Nutrition?

Most People are Overfed and Undernourished. Today we eat 50% MORE than we did 30 years ago. This is 300kg of food per person per year! These are the reasons behind this!

A Brand You can Trust

Herbalife Nutrition has the solution and is a BRAND YOU CAN TRUST

The Products

Everyday Nutrition

Top selling shake in the world.

Our Formula 1 Shake Mix is made with ingredients suitable for vegans. They provide a source of protein and fiber, with 24 vitamins and minerals and are gluten free. Suitable for Vegans and available in 9 delicious flavors! No wonder our shake is the NO 1 Selling Shake in the World!

Product Range

Whatever your health goals, start with our core nutrition products. Simple and effective!

Sports Nutrition

Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition

Herbalife24 - Nutrition for the 24-hour Athlete – has all the products you need to help you prepare, train, and recover. No matter what type of sport or exercise you enjoy doing, at any level, meeting your daily nutritional and hydration needs is essential for optimum performance and recovery! Train like an athlete and unleash your potential with our uncompromising sports nutrition range!

The Science Behind the Products

Skincare, Haircare and Bodycare

Herbalife Skin and Aloe Range

Discover our Herbalife SKIN® and Herbal Aloe range! Our skincare, hair and body care products have no added Parabens or Sulphates and are cruelty-free. Dermatologically tested, suitable for any type of skin – and are infused with quality ingredients! Herbalife SKIN proudly introduces Collagen Complex Drink, strawberry and lemon-flavored drink mix that is high in key vitamins and minerals

The Global Home Business / Income Opportunity

Great Products Lead to a Great Income Opportunity

Great Products certainly lead to a great Global Home Business and Income Opportunity!

With a Low Startup Cost and a proven Training & Support system, you have the potential to earn a Rewarding Income

Discount Levels.

When you register as an Independent Herbalife Distributor, you will immediately qualify for a 25% discount level. You will start earning a profit when introducing people to our incredible products.
You can then move up to the 35% – 42% – 50 % discount / profit levels
More detailed training is shared on our Member Academy online training! 

Income Possibilities

Herbalife Nutrition Opportunity offers you 4 streams of INCOME POSSIBILITIES:

  1. Retail Profit – When you introduce the Products to people who purchase from you, you will earn an immediate retail profit.
  2. Wholesale Income – You can share the Opportunity with friends and family. When they then introduce the products to people that they know, you will earn a wholesale Income from Herbalife Nutrition. This money will be paid directly into your bank account.
  3. Royalty Income 
  4. Production Bonusses.
    Herbalife Nutrition also runs promotions, where you can qualify for Rewards, Travel and Vacations. Detailed training is provided!
Earning PotentialConservative earnings potential (in US$) of each level as you move up the income plan.

Your EARNING POTENTIAL is dependent on your EFFORT and TIME invested

Sales and Marketing Plan

Shu! So that was a bit much to grasp all in one go!
No problem! Extensive training will be provided on the Sales and Marketing Plan and how to best capitalize on it!

Growth Potential

The Global Mega Trends

Global Trends

Herbalife Nutrition has never been more relevant because we are on the right side of some of the biggest GLOBAL TRENDS.
Overweight & obesity; Healthy ageing and fitness; The rising cost of healthcare; Entrepreneurship or people who want to improve their financial situation and be their own boss; Social Selling (People buy from sources that they trust)

A Results Driven Company

Let us hear some of our incredible RESULTS…

Which options resonate with you?

What is your need? Freedom of choice!

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For me it was "Freedom to live my life on my own terms"

Decide where you want to start

You decide where you want to start.

YOU decide where you want to start!

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Listen, I have been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time a couple times in my life. This is one of those times. I believe five years from now, you’re either going to say, “Yeah, I was there, but I was busy. I had other stuff going on. I just decided to keep going through the motions.”  Or “I was there, and I said, yes, I took a little leap of faith, and it changed everything for me.”

If you have ever wanted more out of life … if you have ever felt that you were worth more than you’re currently getting … if you can believe in yourself enough to try, I encourage you to take the next step.



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