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A Comprehensive Weight Management Program?

Herbalife has one of the most comprehensive health and weight management programs available today!
But something is missing?

What is missing is a coaching professional to take you through the programs!

As professional weight management coaches, my team and I are here to help!
We provide FREE online pro-coaching!

Yes! If you are following one of Herbalife's Comprehensive Weight Management Programs,
FREE personalized coaching is included!

Professional or "Professional Coach"?

What is the difference between a "Professional" and a "Pro-Coach"?

Professionals are needed to provide advice and usually make excellent consultants. At a cost!

A pro-coach on the other hand is on the field with you. Watching and guiding you every step of the way! Using the TSTD (Tell - Show - Try - Do) coaching method.

As Pro-Coaches, we will ......

Coach Support


Our Comprehensive Weight Management Program Philosophy

Any Comprehensive Weight Management Program needs to follow a sound, proven Nutrition Philosophy!

Our Level 10 Healthy Weight Management Philosophy is based on, and directly in line with Herbalife's Global Nutrition Philosophy.
We adopted this philosophy, not only because it is about achieving balanced nutrition, but because it has stood the test of time and has proven to be the most sustainable and effective method.

In my 25 years plus of weight management coaching I have personally used and very successfully applied this philosophy.

The Level 10 Philosophy and Herbalife's Global Nutrition Philosophy 
form the cornerstone of a
Comprehensive Health & Weight Management Program!

Global Nutrition Philosophy

Global Nutrition PhilosophyHerbalife's Global Nutrition Philosophy

A Simple Plan for Healthy Living!

It is all about balance and a healthy lifestyle.
Nutrition Philosophy is a combination of balanced nutrition and a personalized program.

We all know we must eat right. But what does "eating right" really mean?  
This diagram shows the areas that are addressed.

Our Comprehensive Weight Management Programs adopt and include all these areas.

Level 10 Weight Management Philosophy

Simply put, Level 10 is what YOU want to achieve!

This is important to know when selecting the Comprehensive Weight Management Program or Healthy Lifestyle Program that suits your wants or needs!

What are your wants or needs?

Are they:

  • To lose weight
  • To gain weight
  • To gain or build muscle
  • To have more energy / vitality
  • To lose belly fat / baby fat / love handles / saddle bags
  • To lose visceral fat
  • To have vibrant healthy skin
  • To shape up and tone
  • To look younger (Improve your metabolic age)
  • To improve sports performance
  • To just eat healthy, look good and feel good

To discover your Level-10 it will be beneficial if you understood a little about body composition!

Body Composition

What is body composition and why is it so important?

Weight Management has little to do with managing “weight". It is about managing how much muscle and how much fat that weight is made up of!

This is called our "body composition"

So, no matter if you want to lose weight, gain weight, or build muscle, it is your body composition that is important.

To achieve your ideal healthy body shape, your goal should be to achieve the correct amount of lean muscle mass and body fat for your body!

Heavier but Healthier!Before and after correcting body composition.

When we talk about "shaping up" or "toning" we are really talking about correcting
body composition.

As Professional Health and Weight Management Coaches our goal is to help you add to your lean muscle mass (LMM) and reduce body fat. We do this by guiding you through our Comprehensive Health & Weight Management Programs!

Your Level 10 Strategy (Your How to!)

Achieving your wants or needs by following the Level 10 strategy!

They are not goals ....... yet!

We discuss goals under weight management strategies but, in the meantime, suffice to say that your goals must be S-M-A-R-T!

Take your Level 10 wants, make them Specific and Measurable. Give them a Timeframe. - And if they are Achievable and Realistic, you have your goals.

Example: Let us say your Level 10 is weight loss. Your goal could be: - "By following the Health Marathon Comprehensive Weight Management Program, I will lose 10 pounds in 3 months" (You can give the exact date)

And of course, a goal must be written down, seen, and read every day.

Now you have your focus!

Comprehensive Health & Weight Management Programs

Going-it alone can be hard. But having a group of friends or family to root for you makes you accountable!

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Summary of the Three Programs ...

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1. How to Start Eating Healthy (6 Day Eat Clean Program)

The program is a Trial Period of 6 Days. You get a chance to experience some of the best weight management products available in the world and get to experiment with delicious, nutritional smoothies, shake and tea recipes.

Experienced weight management and wellness coaches support you during the trial!

2. Living a Healthy Lifestyle (21-Day Healthy Lifestyle Program)

The 21 Day Healthy Weight Program is a fun community group. It includes daily coaching from experienced nutrition coaches and encourages fun group participation.

The focus is on leading a Healthy, Active and Happy Lifestyle using nutrition programs. Results are often extremely rewarding.

3. Best Weight Loss Program (10 Day Health Marathon) 

The Health Marathon Game is a Weight Loss Program that focuses on sustainable weight management. The program provides personalized support and guidance, and participants work together as a team to achieve their weight loss goals. The program emphasizes the importance of healthy habits and provides participants with the tools they need to make healthy lifestyle changes.

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