The Best Weight Loss Program You've Never Tried
The Health Marathon Game!

The Health Marathon Game is considered one of the best weight loss programs available today! Mainly because it promotes, encourages, and emphasizes healthy lifestyle changes, and is done through teamwork, accountability, and support. The game runs in "laps" of 10-day challenges where participants are grouped into teams of nine. Each team competes against other teams, and the winning team is announced at the end of the lap.

Weight Loss is Marathon, not a Race

A road showing laps.A marathon of 10-day laps!

What is the Marathon Weight Loss Program?

It is a structured, gradual process that helps participants lose weight and develop healthy habits.

It is not a Crash Diet!
It is not a quick fix "take this and lose" fad like many others. 

The program focuses on sustainable weight management, and each lap provides a sensible break to help participants stay motivated.


Why is the Health Marathon the Best Weight Loss Program?

It is considered the best weight loss program because it has been designed specifically to help individuals develop healthy habits and lose weight through a team approach.
The program is built around four wellness principles:

  • Balanced nutrition.
  • Hydration.
  • Physical activity.
  • Sleep and rest.

It aims to improve nutritional habits, support weight management, monitor body composition, and enhance the sense of wellbeing and energy.

Team Approach

The Marathon Game is all about teamwork.
Each team consists of a captain and eight participants who support each other and compete with other teams in a league. The captain is an experienced coach who creates personalized meal plans and helps individuals achieve their goals. 
When you join, you will be one of a team of nine people, including the captain, who's an experienced coach. This provides for a healthy competitive spirit to help you stay motivated and achieve your goals.

How to Participate in the Marathon Game

To participate in the Marathon Game, you will replace two main meals each day with Herbalife shakes and change some of your drinks to special target products that support your personal goals.

Don't worry, though - you won't be alone! You will have your team and coach to help you along the way.

You weigh yourself every morning and send your morning weight to your captain via the Player Bot.
The Player Chatbot will ask you for your weight every day!

It is important that you keep a food log, using the principle of "bite off - write it down" This not only encourages responsible behavior but also provides your captain/coach a means to guide you best.

Physical activity is highly encouraged, and you are encouraged to share your experience in the group and motivate others.

Every day, your Player Chatbot sends you:

  • Useful articles and materials on nutritional topics.
  • Daily tips on healthy nutrition and lifestyle.
  • A personalized card with your daily progress.

                   Focus, consistency, and motivation are the keys to success!

Body Composition

Taking your weight daily has little to do with "managing" your weight! What is extremely important however is how much muscle and how much fat that weight is made up of!

This is called your "body composition"

That is why we include monitoring your body composition as part of the program.

Although a daily body weight is required, your weight-on-the-scale is meaningless! It is only used as part of the game to encourage discipline and accountability.


Benefits of the Marathon Game

Besides guiding and supporting you to:

  • Improve your nutritional habits.
  • Manage your weight.
  • Monitor your body composition.

The program offers continued support from peers and a healthy competitive spirit to help you achieve your best results.

Changing eating habits, managing weight, and improving health are much easier with a team and a coach than going it alone.

Customized Plan

Your captain/coach will help you determine your:

  • Personal protein and fiber needs
  • The required number and structure of meals and snacks throughout the day.
  • Your water regime.
  • Your necessary physical activity.
  • Your rest and sleep regimen.

During the first three laps, your program is constantly optimized based on an analysis of your progress.

At the beginning of each lap, you receive a customized plan to follow for the 10 days. The plan includes nutrition information, exercise videos, and calorie targets.
You will also receive personalized support and guidance from your team captain, who will help you create a meal plan and exercise routine tailored to your weight management goals.

Your captain/coach will help you determine your personal protein and fiber needs, the required number and structure of meals and snacks throughout the day, your water regime, your necessary physical activity, and your rest and sleep regimen. During the first three laps, your program is constantly optimized based on an analysis of your progress. At the beginning of each lap, you receive a customized plan to follow for the 10 days. The plan includes nutrition information

Support and Guidance

You will receive ample support and guidance throughout the program. Your team captain is a source of support, coaching, and motivation throughout the journey.
He/she has access to articles, tips, and tools from experts to answer any questions you may have. 

If you are struggling, tell them; it’s a partnership. Feel free to lean on them for all the support you need.

The program emphasizes the importance of teamwork, and participants work together to achieve their weight loss goals.

You can always seek advice, discuss your concerns, or ask a question!

Program Cost

Participation in the Health Marathon is free!

The only condition is that you support part of your diet with Herbalife products.

Herbalife is one of the largest and most well-known global nutrition brands in the world and regarded as an expert in the field of Weight Management and Wellness! Decades of research are behind the development of their products.

As a Health Marathon participant you are entitled to join Herbalife's Preferred Customer program and receive significant discounts and benefits on ALL their products.

The Best Weight Loss Program Basics

 The Health Marathon Game teaches the basics of healthy weight management, such as understanding why burning more calories than consumed is essential.
The program emphasizes that weight management is a lifestyle change, and the focus is on developing healthy habits that we can maintain long term.

What the Body Needs

Nutrition philosophyHealthy Living Basics

The Three Macronutrients
The program educates players (participants) about the three macronutrients:

*   Protein
*   Carbohydrates
*   Fats

You learn how to incorporate them into your daily meals to give your body the balanced nutrition it needs. The program emphasizes the importance of learning how the body works to give it what it needs.

The Best Weight Loss Program

The Health Marathon Game encourages you to add Herbalife's S.T.A.M.P. Program to your daily routine. The so-called Big-5 Herbalife products include:

  • Shake - Formula 1 Shake
  • Tea - Instant Herbal Beverage
  • Aloe - 
  • Multifibre
  • Protein Drink Mix (PDM)

Formula 1 Shake

F1 shake

Formula 1 Shake Mix is easy to use and contains protein, vitamins, and minerals. The Shake comes in a variety of flavors, making it a convenient and tasty option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The program recommends replacing two meals a day with a Shake, eating one balanced meal, and snacking in between as part of an energy-restricted diet to contribute to weight management.

The Health Marathon Game emphasizes personalization and makes it simple for you to personalize your Shake. You can mix and match flavors until you find the one that works best. The program provides a variety of shake recipes to keep things interesting.

Herbalife Shakes

Herbalife shakes are designed to nourish our bodies with reliable sources of protein, and essential vitamins and minerals.
The Formula 1 shakes contain the recommended ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 30% protein along with fiber and the essentials vitamins and minerals.

  • A shake made with low fat milk has only 220 calories, so it has high nutritional content and few calories.
  • The shakes are meal replacements so you can have a shake for breakfast as well as for lunch or dinner.

Targeted Products Which Make up the STAMP Program ......

TeaHerbal Beverage (TEA)
AloeDelicious Aloe Concentrate
MultifiberThe Essential Multifibre
PDMBoost your Protein with PDM


The Health & Weight Management Solution!


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Before you Start on the Best Weight Management Program

Here's what you need to do ......

Before we can get you started and to make sure you get the results you want, you will need to purchase the recommended Herbalife Program.

1) To qualify to enter the challenge you only need the Herbalife Formula 1 Shake.
2) However, I strongly recommend the Herbalife STAMP program which is, without doubt, the best weight management program available.
3) The most popular program is the Herbalife Healthy Breakfast Program - Shake, Aloe & Tea (These are the first three products of the remarkably effective STAMP program)

NOTE: Products and costs do differ from country to country.
I recommend you opt for the Preferred Customer option which Herbalife has made available. This simplifies the ordering process and entitles you to significant discounts and benefits.

While you are awaiting delivery, we will start preparing you for the challenge!
This is an exciting time!

This is the time to:

  • Send your photo to your captain so you can be included in the team collage
  • Tell the captain your current morning weight
  • Confirm that you've read the privacy policy and consent to your data being processed in accordance with the policy

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In Summary!

The Health Marathon Game is a weight loss program that focuses on sustainable weight management. The program provides personalized support and guidance, and participants work together as a team to achieve their weight loss goals. The program emphasizes the importance of healthy habits and provides participants with the tools they need to make healthy lifestyle changes.


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